Today: January 27, 2022 10:18 am

Why I’m working also on weekends!

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Some of my friends and also colleagues ask me very often, why I’m working also on weekends or maybe on national holidays. This free time I could use better, but definitely different to what I’m doing. Sometimes they also tell me – “Hey you, you are nearly always online, isn’t it?”.

Yes I’m, and yes I do! So what? Mind your own business!

But this answer is on one hand really aggressive and far away of being kind and nice to others. Basically there are some reasons why I do and ongoing one point, I would like to remove from argumentation, because it is definitely wrong.

Let’s start with the point, what I think is deeply wrong, before we are going over to why I’m working also on weekend’s.

🙁 Negative

If you are talking with someone about work on weekend they would imagine a guy who isn’t able to make his work totally in his working time. Means, this guy won’t be able to organize himself and a time planner is something what we would present.

Let’s take a look deeper, because time management is one hand, and influences around are the other hand. Finally a perfect time plan will work only, if there is enough space between appointments/things what need’s to be done, while the influence by others is on a weight.

🙂 Positive

If we take now a deeper look on the opposite, we can see, there are a lot of reasons, why someone could and want to work on weekends. I think in my personal way the most necessary reason is my profession. As Linux Administrator and Cloud Engineer, the best time for me to work is, when other people sleep. Basically this means in the night, or on weekends.

Another point is, that working without influence is more deep and way more efficient. I can see in my own working area, that working concentrated in the eve or over the night makes me doing more than over the whole day. Especially coop working over the night will pushes more to the result.

As third point I would like to say that I’m working inside a profession with a mission critically environment. This means that if I would do the work over the day, it will influence other departments and possibly the whole structure of earning money in the company. This influence is not acceptable and won’t work at all over the world.

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What will be the result now?

As you can see, night and weekend work is deeply necessary, and I can tell you, it’s not only connected with me as Cloud Engineer, it’s all over the world in different professions. Just take a look around you, when you are next time at 12am in the center of a larger city. Take a look on who is still working and you will see, IT-Engineers aren’t really lonely while working in the night.

But we should never forget, that the base for working on weekends is will. And this is connected with benefits like money of course, but more over it is connected with the passion inside the field where you are working. If I will connect this on me, there won’t be something more relaxing than working together with technology, or experimenting on it.

As result of this I could say, I’m working on “off-days” because I have fun while working and my passion and profession ist connected. This results also in fast and efficient work.

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