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What about traveling?

Yeah, as you can see I’ve got also a category what is called “traveling” or short “travel”. I’m trying to show you also some parts of my personal and social life. Showing off some informations about my destinations and maybe some interesting facts about cities I’ve visited or want to visit in close future.

Therefore you can get some informations about countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Russia, United Arab Emirates & South Africa.

Sometimes you will get also photo galleries or some quotes about special places. Could be also an explanation of a way to a special location, sometimes hidden preferences.

So be prepared, I got a lot of informations and destinations I really want to see. This year I was really often in Russia, but also Czech Republic and Netherlands are on the list.

I’m pretty sure one of the next posts inside this category will be about the Bombadier DHC-8-400 (also called Turboprop or Dash). This will be my plane together with my love traveling from Düsseldorf to Prague in Czech Republic.

By Sascha Lewandowski

I'm Sascha, owner and author here at my own blog. If you want to know more about me and the things I usually do take a look in my "about me". Otherwise take a deeper look at my blogposts. Maybe you will find something interesting for you inside my live as SysOp, linux administrator and cloud engineer.

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