Today: January 27, 2022 10:07 am
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Connected to the movie “catch me if you can” I really like to be up in the air. Why, could be a really good question in this case. Because, someone told me, if you know the answer you know the real question.

Honestly, I can’t answer this question on 100%, because I really don’t know the right answer. I wasn’t flying this much in my youth. Ok, one, two times to Mallorca, but that’s it. In nowhere days it changes, and it got a pretty good reason.

Yes I'm married 😍

Some of you could have read, that I’m married last year in December in Moscow. So my wife is from Russia and until now still living in Moscow.

If I want to be with her, there will be only two possible solutions, me in Moscow, or my wife in Düsseldorf. So what do you think I want? YES! I’m flying every 3-4 weeks over to Moscow. It’s not on the same level like being always together, but it’s getting and we are working on solution.

Taking a look further in my life, you will see, that I’ve got a passion as blogger at It’s world wide most hugest community for Huawei with German speaking background. As part of this huge hobby I definitely need to be also at fares and events organized by Huawei. It’s not only to get deeper informations, mainly it’s because of the connection to other guys. Something deeply necessary for a growing field. This guy who owns knowledge, but more over the data, rules the world.

Flying is something special

To all of this points there is also a third one. I really like to be up in the air, because I like the opportunity to be on two far (by distance) places in just some hours. Flying like a bird and in the same time trusting on technology what started with brothers Wright and now created by humans hand. It’s unbelievable and totally strange to trust in human made constructions, but I do, and on this flight today 145 other passengers inside the same plane.

Attached you can find some images, what explained and shows why I like to be free and up in the air.

Ps: if you wanted to ask, yes I’ve got also sometimes turbolences, but until now, except one time flying inside a thunderstorm, it was just relaxing and not this strong, some side landings, one landing break up (kick start) and some side winds.


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