Today: January 27, 2022 10:04 am

Marriage – We are one

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I think I can say, today I’m the most happiest man on earth. Yesterday I married not just “a woman”, it’s more than this.

Yesterday, as last couple 2018, I married at 17:15 (15:15 German time) my sweet sunshine Ekaterina. You saw here already on my blog post about our journey to Prague.

Love is something what connect’s!

Love is unpredictable, it’s maybe strange to trust, but it’s worth it to take a deeper look. Love can be kind, love can be hard,but it is always a way, what should give you power.

I’m happy, really, and more over I’m lucky to have such a beautiful, smart and powerful wife. A woman who is not only kind and nice, but also can push, guide and always be like a strong part next to her husband.

The next days we will really enjoy and get that we are growing to be a family. The mystical time between German and Russian Christmas is one of the most catchable in the year. The difference in time is because of the calculation of the calender. While in Germany Christmas is between 24th and 26th of December the Christmas day in Russia is on 6th of January.

The new year connect’s both in the middle and now the most necessary day for me is in the middle between German Christmas and New year.

I want to use this time here also, to say thank you. Not only to my beloved wife, also for our families, friends and you, the person who is reading this post.

Closing, I would like to show also some images of our special time and our marriage image.

I’m so thankful…

…because I love YOU!

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