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What is Truth.

Maybe news about an update, some struggles about a new device or maybe some information about a possible way in the future? Everything and more you can get with this application of with the one and only topic HUAWEI. 


Everything To The World

Something what is really interesting for you? Share it to the world using the build in mechanism from android as well as the wonderful application. Fell free and fell informed there where you need it. 

Make it possible!

If you thought about something you don’t know yet, the guys from knows it, and they will explain it to you with all the necessary background informations. 


Get easy informations

Everything what you would like to know about your beloved brand HUAWEI. Videos, reviews, news, I literally mean EVERYTHING!


Help by community

We believe in our community approach. Everyone would like to have help and the swarm could answer the questions not only faster, also with a highly efficient way.


Natively connected in Android

The Android app is created natively into the operating system. This means there won't be only the benefit of using other apps directly via integration, there is also the point of using push notifications as a feature.

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