“One date in Prague”


Ok this title is very catchy, and in some parts it’s also right. A date, yes it was a date. We were in Prague and also in Dresden. But let’s start at the very beginning.  Saturday at 2am we very at the Airport, because our plane started at 6:30am and you know me, I’m german, […]

What about traveling?

Yeah, as you can see I’ve got also a category what is called “traveling” or short “travel”. I’m trying to show you also some parts of my personal and social life. Showing off some informations about my destinations and maybe some interesting facts about cities I’ve visited or want to visit in close future. Therefore […]

ReStart / ReBoot / ReSet / ReCreation

This is the very beginning of a new era of my blog posting. I decided to restart my Blog completely and choose english as main language as it is also the main language inside my profession, what you will finde more and more here. My aim is to blog about problems and steps I stuck […]

Using properties in Jenkins scripted pipeline


The open source CI/CD software Jenkins got a really cool integration of pipelines. If you are using the version 1.x you have to install a pipeline plugin, but it is highly recommended to use the newer version 2.x. In this version, you can also install the new UI called “blue ocean”. It’s a new way […]