Why I’m working also on weekends!

MacBook Pro

Some of my friends and also colleagues ask me very often, why I’m working also on weekends or maybe on national holidays. This free time I could use better, but definitely different to what I’m doing. Sometimes they also tell me – “Hey you, you are nearly always online, isn’t it?”. Yes I’m, and yes […]

Using properties in Jenkins scripted pipeline


The open source CI/CD software Jenkins got a really cool integration of pipelines. If you are using the version 1.x you have to install a pipeline plugin, but it is highly recommended to use the newer version 2.x. In this version, you can also install the new UI called “blue ocean”. It’s a new way […]

Decrypt easySCP DB password

Ihr kennt vielleicht den Moment, ihr werde angesprochen oder habt selbst das Problem, dass man sein “root” Passwort vom MySQL Server verliert und entwendet – Passiert natürlich nie ;), oder aber ihr migriert von einer anderen Version easySCP. Wie dem auch sei, wenn ihr nun das Passwort nicht mehr haben solltet und aber trotzdem haben […]