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Why I’m working also on weekends!

Some of my friends and also colleagues ask me very often, why I’m working also on weekends or maybe on national holidays. This free time I could use better, but definitely different to what I’m doing. Sometimes they also tell me – “Hey you, you are nearly always online, isn’t it?”. Yes I’m, and yes I do! So what? Mind your own business! But this answer is on one hand really aggressive and far away of being kind and nice to others. Basically there are some reasons why I do and ongoing one point, I would like to remove from argumentation, because it is definitely wrong. Let’s start with the point, what I think is deeply wrong, before we are going over to why I’m working also on weekend’s. 🙁 Negative If you are talking with someone about work on weekend they would imagine a guy who isn’t able to make his work totally in his working time. Means, this guy won’t be able to organize himself and a time planner is something what we would present. Let’s take a look deeper, because time management is one hand, and influences around are the other hand. Finally a perfect time plan will work only, if there is enough space between appointments/things what need’s to be done, while the influence by others is on a weight. 🙂 Positive If we take now a deeper look on the opposite, we can see, there are a lot of reasons, why someone could and want to work on weekends. I think in my personal way the most necessary reason is my profession. As Linux Administrator and Cloud Engineer, the best time for me to work is, when other people sleep. Basically this means in the night, or on weekends. Another point is, that working without


Using properties in Jenkins scripted pipeline

The open source CI/CD software Jenkins got a really cool integration of pipelines. If you are using the version 1.x you have to install a pipeline plugin, but it is highly recommended to use the newer version 2.x. In this version, you can also install the new UI called “blue ocean”. It’s a new way to display pipelines and the actions inside them, but let’s get back to topic. Jenkins scripted pipeline as engine for automation If you are using Jenkins pipelines (version 2.5+) within multibranch, the best way is via Jenkins file inside a git repository, you can’t edit the settings of the job. It is only possible to take a look at it, but you can’t save your changes. It’s possible to issue some lines inside the pipeline syntax to take control of these properties and settings. Therefore the is a special part of the syntax, only for properties in front of the job, but you have to take a deeper look on what type of pipeline you are using. Jenkins provides two types of pipelines. First one is the declarative pipeline and describes it as follows: “Declarative Pipeline is a relatively recent addition to Jenkins Pipeline which presents a more simplified and opinionated syntax on top of the Pipeline sub-systems”. You can describe the agent, options, parameters or triggers. Everything is in the top part of the syntax, so you can be sure it’s loaded when your pipeline will start. The other side is the scripted pipeline as described it like this: “Scripted Pipeline, like Declarative Pipeline, is built on top of the underlying Pipeline sub-system. Unlike Declarative, Scripted Pipeline is effectively a general purpose DSL built with Groovy. Most functionality provided by the Groovy language is made available to users of Scripted Pipeline, which

Decrypt easySCP DB password

Ihr kennt vielleicht den Moment, ihr werde angesprochen oder habt selbst das Problem, dass man sein “root” Passwort vom MySQL Server verliert und entwendet – Passiert natürlich nie ;), oder aber ihr migriert von einer anderen Version easySCP. Wie dem auch sei, wenn ihr nun das Passwort nicht mehr haben solltet und aber trotzdem haben möchtet, dann gibt es hier einen kleinen aber sehr effizienten Trick das verschlüsselte Passwort von easySCP wieder zu entschlüsseln. Dafür benötigt ihr eigentlich nur euren “Key” und eure “IV” welche in der “config_DB.php” stehen, sowie das base64 verschlüsselte Passwort welches man haben möchte. Diese drei Werte müssen danach in dieses Code-Snippet eingefügt werden. Die stellen habe ich euch markiert. function decrypt_db_password($db_pass) { if ($db_pass == ”) { return ”; } if (extension_loaded(‘mcrypt’)) { $text = @base64_decode($db_pass . “\\n”); $td = @mcrypt_module_open(MCRYPT_BLOWFISH, ”, MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, ”); $key = “<strong>KEY</strong>”; $iv = “<strong>IV</strong>”; // Initialize encryption @mcrypt_generic_init($td, $key, $iv); // Decrypt encrypted string $decrypted = @mdecrypt_generic($td, $text); @mcrypt_module_close($td); // Show string return trim($decrypted); } else { throw new EasySCP_Exception( “Error: PHP extension ‘mcrypt’ not loaded!” ); } } echo decrypt_db_password(‘<strong>base64 PW</strong>’); Diese Datei muss (über den Browser erreichbar) für die Zeit der Abfrage in den Webroot gelegt werden. Ausführen im Browser und schon hat man das Passwort in Klartext vor sich. Die Datei sollte danach wieder gelöscht werden, da nun auch andere über die Datei das Passwort auslesen können. Was hier gemacht wird ist eigentlich relativ simpel, in der Funktion wird auf die selben Entschlüsselungsalgorythmen zugegriffen, welche auch easySCP nutzt. Hier sind es base64_decode sowie Teile von mcrypt, einer php basierten Verschlüsselung.

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Up in the air

Connected to the movie “catch me if you can” I really like to be up in the air. Why, could be a really good question in this case. Because, someone told me, if you know the answer you know the real question. Honestly, I can’t answer this question on 100%, because I really don’t know the right answer. I wasn’t flying this much in my youth. Ok, one, two times to Mallorca, but that’s it. In nowhere days it changes, and it got a pretty good reason. Yes I’m married 😍 Some of you could have read, that I’m married last year in December in Moscow. So my wife is from Russia and until now still living in Moscow. If I want to be with her, there will be only two possible solutions, me in Moscow, or my wife in Düsseldorf. So what do you think I want? YES! I’m flying every 3-4 weeks over to Moscow. It’s not on the same level like being always together, but it’s getting and we are working on solution. Taking a look further in my life, you will see, that I’ve got a passion as blogger at It’s world wide most hugest community for Huawei with German speaking background. As part of this huge hobby I definitely need to be also at fares and events organized by Huawei. It’s not only to get deeper informations, mainly it’s because of the connection to other guys. Something deeply necessary for a growing field. This guy who owns knowledge, but more over the data, rules the world. Flying is something special To all of this points there is also a third one. I really like to be up in the air, because I like the opportunity to be on two far (by distance) places in


“One date in Prague”

Ok this title is very catchy, and in some parts it’s also right. A date, yes it was a date. We were in Prague and also in Dresden. But let’s start at the very beginning.  Saturday at 2am we very at the Airport, because our plane started at 6:30am and you know me, I’m german, I like to be in time. We’ve choosen this time, because we won’t have another possibility to arrive the airport later while it’s closed – there won’t be a train to the airport. So we were sitting inside Mc Donalds and waiting until the security will open the gates. At 4am we could move through security and then waiting at the gate for the plane. By the way, it wasn’t a Dash :D. It was a short flight, little bit bumpy and really foggy.  Arrived at airport Karlovy Vary in Prague we were standing in a lot of fog, but hey, the captain told us “it will be a little bit foggy”. So we drove by bus and metro to the center. Prague isn’t this huge like Moscow, so the way’s are short. First stop for us was “Vyšehrad”, one of the castles of Prague, what gives by the way a great view over Prague.  At high noon we were starting to search the hotel in the center of Prague. The NYX Hotel, pretty close to “Hlavní Nádraží” the Prague main station is really cool. After check in we wanted to go to the Charles Bridge, one of the monuments of Prague. The evening we ended inside the Hard Rock Cafe Prague. It’s one of the moments when you think, why I’m doing it, but in the same moment you know – Ah mama wanted to get some stuff there. After that we just go

What about traveling?

Yeah, as you can see I’ve got also a category what is called “traveling” or short “travel”. I’m trying to show you also some parts of my personal and social life. Showing off some informations about my destinations and maybe some interesting facts about cities I’ve visited or want to visit in close future. Therefore you can get some informations about countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Russia, United Arab Emirates & South Africa. Sometimes you will get also photo galleries or some quotes about special places. Could be also an explanation of a way to a special location, sometimes hidden preferences. So be prepared, I got a lot of informations and destinations I really want to see. This year I was really often in Russia, but also Czech Republic and Netherlands are on the list. I’m pretty sure one of the next posts inside this category will be about the Bombadier DHC-8-400 (also called Turboprop or Dash). This will be my plane together with my love traveling from Düsseldorf to Prague in Czech Republic.

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