Up in the air

Connected to the movie “catch me if you can” I really like to be up in the air. Why, could be a really good question in this case. Because, someone told me, if you know the answer you know the real question. Honestly, I can’t answer this question on 100%, because I really don’t know […]

Why I’m working also on weekends!

MacBook Pro

Some of my friends and also colleagues ask me very often, why I’m working also on weekends or maybe on national holidays. This free time I could use better, but definitely different to what I’m doing. Sometimes they also tell me – “Hey you, you are nearly always online, isn’t it?”. Yes I’m, and yes […]

10 Year Challenge and my decision

This time we got a hype what is usually called like #10yearchallenge or better said “10 Year Challenge”. The task is really easy, you will post two images. One of them is from 2018 and the other one is from 2008. If you got two images you really like, than you will post them on […]

Marriage – We are one

I think I can say, today I’m the most happiest man on earth. Yesterday I married not just “a woman”, it’s more than this. Yesterday, as last couple 2018, I married at 17:15 (15:15 German time) my sweet sunshine Ekaterina. You saw here already on my blog post about our journey to Prague. Love is […]