Today: September 28, 2021 10:46 pm

Sascha Lewandowski

Hey, I’m Sascha and nice to e-Meet you here at my personal space inside this huge WWW. You will have your reason, why you are on this page and reading this text, but I’m sure it’s something about your interest. I’m a guy who get in contact with IT technologies inside my early second half of youth. Starting with the age of 10 I was playing around with computers.

After some years my interest about technology was getting more huge and I decided to go this way. While school I was working inside school holidays at Dresen to get deeper in touch. After my A-Level degree I was ready to study to become an IT-Engineer.  If you want to know more about my way, take a look inside my VITA.


Linux Administration

My profession is basically the linux administration. This knowledge and will getting stronger while being part of Linux-Team at



Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering has become a very strong part in my life and as Senior Cloud Engineer at SMS digital GmbH I’m the cloud enabler for on premise solutions.


IT-Security Beauftragter (TÜV)

Since may 2019 I’ve been officially certified as IT-Security Beauftragter (TÜV) from TÜV Rheinland Acadamy. 

Company Review

For me it is really necessary, that not only one side inside the contract of work is happy. Work is something more then being just at some place and do stuff. My work, my profession is something I’m living for, and as of this, I’m really happy, if the positive feeling is on both sides.

SMS digital GmbH



It was a great meeting today with active session between Madhu from Noodle with Sascha from SMS to get the Transit Gateway implementation done and tested. I would take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the level of granularity and steps followed in getting this done by Sascha and Madhu. Raghavendra Kulkarni (Director Cloud Operations) [March 3rd 2020]


You showed the best of FLOWFACT and demonstrated why culture beats strategy! Daniel Kim (CEO) [Jan 31st 2019]

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