Today: January 27, 2022 8:45 am

10 Year Challenge and my decision

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This time we got a hype what is usually called like #10yearchallenge or better said “10 Year Challenge”. The task is really easy, you will post two images. One of them is from 2018 and the other one is from 2008. If you got two images you really like, than you will post them on the social network you like (Facebook, Instagram).

So far the task, but think further in the point of sharing this images. We all know, that Facebook got an Image face recognizer what is powered by Artificial Intelligence and BigData. If you don’t know it, maybe some articles will help you here or the information from Facebook itself.

If Facebook would ask you kindly to upload two images on their platform to increase the performance of face recognition you would definitely deny the request. Everyone of us would usually do this without any thoughts about it.

Let’s make it in way of a game!

But what would happened when we asked you “Hey, we got a game, let’s see how you changed in 10 years. Show your progress everyone on your social media webpage. We will call it #10yearchallenge.

With thousands of posts on Facebook, Instagram but also at Twitter is this hashtag getting pretty fast one of the most famous in this time. A lot of the posts are with real data, so two images, 10 years difference what shows the same person.

Image (C) by Theme creator

With this small trick, companies like Facebook getting what they want and they don’t even need to make advertising or paying a huge amount of money. People just coming them selfs and giving Facebook & co all these images without any negative thought.

10 Year Challenge as trick – Now you will give us what we want

So what you think, what would you do, if you can decide your own what will happen with your photos and who can work with it – would you choose or going the way of groups?

But if you want to know more about me, take a look into my vita or on my “About me” page. There you will finde everything what is necessary and in case you would like to know more, just contact me.

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